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Growing up in South Auckland without a beach in sight, Tony Stehlin had a two-fold dream – to live by the beach and have his own business. He achieved the former in 1982, moving to Gisborne for a quantity surveyor’s job with McMillan & Lockwood; and by the end of 1986, with the establishment of City Construction, he had achieved both.


He got his start in the industry in Auckland, working for Fletcher Development and Construction and gaining his quantity surveyor’s qualification. But the first whiff of a life near  a beach saw him quickly high-tail it out of the big smoke with no regrets.


Surf lifesaving became a strong interest and he has been a member of various clubs, mainly Wainui Beach where his children went to school and where he served as a trustee on the school board. These days he’s one of the reliable “old guys” who offers his services at Midway when no one else is available.
Small provincial cities are where it’s at for him and his family. He loves the connectedness and the millionaire lifestyle the district affords its inhabitants.







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